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Physical Therapy Assistant – Historical to Modern Day Applications

The origins of physical therapy are very interesting. Many of the physical agents used in modern physical therapy treatments, were also used in ancient times. Greek and Roman writings have been found, that refer to beneficial effects of the sun, water as well as exercise and massage. It is also known that the ancient Chinese, Persians, and Egyptians also used these types of treatments.

The field of modern physical therapy was developed in Great Britain in the late part of the nineteenth century. Not long after, American doctors specializing in orthopedic surgery began training women graduates of physical education schools to provide care and treatment for patients in clinics and hospitals.

The military was the beginning of specific training and education in PT, as the first physical therapist, and physical therapist assistant programs were developed at Walter Reed Army Hospital, in Washington DC Soon after the commencement of world war one, an additional fourteen schools were established . The original therapists were known as reconstruction aids and were engaged primarily for the military.

Some Interesting Points in History

1881 The Sargent School, the first school of modern physical therapy opens in Boston. 1920 The first American Women's Physiotherapeutic Association Organizational meeting is scheduled and attended in the city of New York.

1942 Enactment of Public Law 828 considers and makes a determination of women Physical Therapists as world war two era members of the Military Medical Department of the Army, with rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

1946 American Physiotherapy Association changes name to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

1956 Scientist Jonas Salk introduces a vaccine for polio. Physical Therapists play a predominant position in testing the vaccine prior to public distribution. Thousands of American children who are afflicted with polio require continued treatment.

1967 The APTA establishes a doctrine to allow the training of PT Assistants.

Physical Therapists also known as healthcare clinicians review and care for individuals of a wide variety of ages, from newborn baby's, to the oldest geriatric, who suffers from medical problems as well as additional health associated conditions, and injuries which restrict a patient's abilities to be mobile and conduct normal activities as they may on a daily basis.

The use of history as well as a physical examination is customary in order to reach a clinical diagnosis including the establishment of an effective treatment plan. Physical therapists can develop management plans that include the prescribing of or help with exercises, massage therapy, core physical treatment and other therapies. PT assistants may treat patient's to help prevent restricted mobility by promoting condition and physical fitness oriented programs for healthy and improved quality living.

Since the role of a PTA requires certification and licensure, prospects who are considering this occupation may conduct research into a physical therapy assistant salary. What you will find is the fact that an investment in your education of approximately two years, can yield a potential income of six figures.

Further further research into physical therapist assistant schools, will provide lists of accredited scholastic institutions located all over the United States that can provide an excellent education and at an affordable tuition rate. Further, these educational entities can also provide scholarships, and grants to reduce costs significantly.

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