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Physical Exams Are Critical to Overall Physical Wellness

We, as adults are aware that physical exams are critical to overall physical wellness, although not all of us actually implement this annual ritual into our schedules. Physical exams could mean the difference between life and death. When you have your yearly exam you are taking a step towards preventing an injury of an illness or disease. Most diseases, if thought early can be treated, in some cases even cured. It is much easier to prevent an issue from occurring than to try to treat a condition that has surfaced.

Physical exams are quite simple and painless. You begin with checking your weight and height. Your blood pressure and heart rate may be checked at this time also. You doctor or medical professional will check over your entire body and may ask you to perform simple tasks such as deep breaths so that they can monitor your lung function. A quick check of your ears and eyes is most likely going to occur, as well as listening to your heart.

As we get older our bodies begin to change which could lead us to all kinds of medical conditions. The majority of these conditions can be done at the time of your exam. Cancer is on the rise more than ever, that's why it is crucial to be screened. Once over the age of 50, men should be getting regular colon screenings, as well as prostate, and women cervical screenings. These are two common cancers, and they both can be easily detected by your physician during your yearly exam. It's also a great idea for women to perform self breast examinations on themselves in the event something out of the ordinary should appear while you are waiting for your yearly appointment. Remember, if there is something that is troubling you, contact your doctor and do not wait for your physical exam.

During your examination is an ideal time to discuss any issues that have been bothering you, or if you have been experiencing anything out of the ordinary. You are also going to want to note these issues on your paperwork when signing in, so that the doctor can set their schedules accordingly. Depending on what you are experiencing you may be sent for a series of lab tests, x-rays, or referred to a specialist.

Yes, physical exams are critical to overall physical wellness, but they could just save your life!

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