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PE Performance Programs

For thirty seven years I have3 seen students perform in musical programs and plays. I have written most of the ones that my students participated in. They are always fun because students like to show off.

After retiring I had a Physical Education teacher come to me and ask if I could write a program to showcase the skills she taught in Physical Education classes. What an interesting idea.

Most school programs and plays are put on on the stage so that the audience can see the students. How do you show off basketball skills and track skills on a stage. We solved the problem by putting the audience on the stage and if room around the outside of the gym. The gym floor then became the stage where the students performed they skllls they had learned during the year.

Decorations for the programs was the equipment that was to be used by the students.
Scattered around the outside of the gym so that the students could access them when needed.

Speaking parts were minimal and used just to tell the audience what skills they would be observing. Only about eight to ten speakers were needed.

The skills they showcased were the skills the teacher had taught them all through the year. She did not make them learn anything new, just for the program, because that would have defeated the purpose of the program.

Some skills every students displayed. Other skills were only displayed by a few students, but several skills were being displayed at the same time.

There was only one part of the program where the students sat and watched their peers. That was the part where individual students brought and displayed individual physical activities that they were good at doing. Examples would be like gymnastics, skate boards, a short two minute basketball or soccer game, dancing, baton twirling, wrestling, etc.

It was well received by the parents and the kids had fun because it was not sit down and be quiet program, but full of running and playing.

Source by Caroline Mackay

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