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Information About Schools

Schools have English language programs for international students to support their studies. All schools provide subjects in the eight key learning areas: English, mathematics, studies of the society and the environment, science, arts, Languages ​​Other Than, technology, and personal development, health and physical education Elementary.

Dispelling myths about boarding schools new research proves that today's college-prep boarding schools teach traditional values ​​that help students attain success in the classroom, and later in life. Boarding schools are independent, college preparatory schools that provide residential facilities for students and faculty.

Private schools have a history of consistently providing high-quality, comprehensive, educational grades; one of the main reasons for this classroom cupil numbers. In most public schools there are forty plus students in each class with just one teacher, where as in private education there are only a small number of students in each class, giving the teacher much more one on one time with the students. The private schools encourage students to develop a sense of values ​​and responsibilities which enable them to be contributing members of their communities and of the multicultural, global society.

Great Schools is an independent, non-profit organization that empowers and inspires parents to participate in their childrens development and educational success. Under the guidance and leadership of a dedicated and talented staff of teachers and administrators working in a community which supports and values ​​education.

The Google UK Schools Site offers free resources for teachers to help use Google tools in the classroom. For news and data, you can find every school in the UK, see its address, inspection details, location map and, in most cases, a link to its website.

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