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Getting a Degree in Physical Therapy

If you have ever had an injury that required you to do some work outs to regain your strength, you have probably seen a physical therapist. Many people who are interested in sports and sports medicine may be interested in getting a degree in physical therapy. Physical therapists help people in all sorts of situations.

Physical therapists work to help people regain functional mobility, try to prevent permanent disability, and treat pain for people who are suffering from disabling injuries or diseases. There is no age limit for patients of physical therapy. Therapists treat many different conditions like multiple sclerosis, nerve injuries, cerebral palsy, broken bones, heart disease, arthritis, and amputations. There are also different areas of specialization in physical therapy (PT). Therapists may decide to specialize in pediatrics, geriatrics, sports medicine, neurology, orthopedics, and cardiopulmonary.

There are many schools that offer degrees in physical therapy, but to be sure, you should always check with the school you wish to go to. Some schools may only offer an associate of or bachelor's degrees, while others may also offer master's or doctor degrees. There are many classes and programs online that offer degrees in PT. Just be sure to check that the program is accredited and does not come from a diploma mill. Whichever program you decide to take, check with the American Physical Therapy Association to be sure it is in fact an accredited program. While getting your degree you will probably need to take biology, anatomy, physiology and math. You may also want to do some volunteer work while in college. All states normally require that the therapist passes the National Physical Therapy Examination after graduating in order to practice. Many people who practice continue their education by taking different courses and workshops even after that have graduated.

The average expected salary for a career in PT is around $ 61,088. This can amount may differ from state to state as well as how much experience you have. This particular field is expected to grow rapidly so there will be more job opportunities available. Most companies prefer for you to have an advanced degree from and accredited program. Many therapists find themselves working in hospitals, clinics, and private offices that have the correct equipment needed for the job. Majority of physical therapists practice part-time while also having at least one more job. For those who decide that they do not want to work in a hospital or outpatient clinic, they may decide to be self-employed and act as a contractor or they may decide that they want to teach.

Many of those in this field find it to be rewarding and are happy that they get to help people. If you find that you are interested in helping people and the human anatomy, physical therapy may be the perfect degree for you. Do not forget that there are many types of specializations if you are also interested in pediatrics, sports medicine or neurology. Getting an education does not have to be a difficult task, you can search online to see if there is a PT program for you.

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