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Education, Population Growth and HIV-AIDS in Third World Nations Discussed

The humanitarian crisis that we face World Wide is simply too much to handle sometimes. With the spread of HIV-AIDS in Africa, Central America, Asia and South America one has to wonder if there is even a god. Well, finally and luckily the Catholic Church and condom issues are changing and I could not agree more with some of the comments of those NGO leaders who pointed to this huge issue decades ago. Still in Africa most do not use condoms and thus HIV-AIDS is such a high percentage that there is no hope.

If we compare the HIV AIDS issues in Honduras there is a low HIV rate, but it is the highest in Central America and it can only go up. Catching it now makes the most sense otherwise they will end up like some of the areas in Sub-Sahahar Africa and such – scary stuff. Condoms are a simple thing indeed.

But HIV-AIDS are only one problem on the medical radar, in places like Honduras the dental issues are huge, education in dental hygiene is important. One group handed out boat loads of tooth brushes, but still there are 8 million without them and they still have very little clue.

Even if NGOS, volunteers and medical missions come to the rescue – the population increases in places like Honduras are 2.4% per year. That needs to be cut down until things are more under control. The real number bought to be 0% population growth until they have sewer treatment, water filtration, sustainable farming and education. You see a 2.4% population growth rate is basically 10% every four years, but remember the number is really compounded, that is just too high.

Of course these are not the only significant problems in such nations. The challenges with crop failures, wildfires, flooding and earthquakes are also difficult on such populations. The issues with erosion are huge and this is happening around the globe as timber industry cuts down the easiest to get to and large trees. Better land use is very appropriate.

You can see the real problem in Bangladesh, but also reading Jerred Diamond's book; "Collapse" bought to wake people up to reality and indeed as he states one does have to wonder what the people on Easter Island were thinking about when they cut down the last tree?

Some say education is the key and indeed I must tell you I totally agree with you that it is a huge component. Many of these third nations do not need traditional schools, they need to learn how to build French leach line, septic tanks, make bricks, concrete, irrigate, farm, raise animals and hygiene, etc. First things first, putting the cart before the horse never works well. Think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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