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Demand Public Officials Be FIT

Americans are proud of the fact, we have certain rights and privileges, guaranteed, by our Constitution. We boast about our free elections, often, contrasting them, to other nations, around the world, where this right, and many others, are denied, and/ or extremely limited. However, in recent times, nearly every poll, indicates, we consider, and deem, politicians, and elected officials, in a most, unfavorable light, and consider these individuals, as less than ideal, etc! Our elections in November, 2016, as well as those in the earlier part of this decade, have created, a level of disagreement, and vitriol, we have never previously witnessed, and observed. There can be little doubt, President Donald Trump, has evoked emotions, etc, which have tended to polarize, rather than unify, the citizens of the United States. Regardless of one’s political beliefs, and/ or orientation, there must be agreement, we must demand, our public officials, are truly FIT!

1. Future; faithful; faith; face facts; figure out; fiscal: There is no room for short – term, populist, political leadership, who fail to consistently, evaluate and consider, future needs, and ramifications! Their priority must be, to faithful, service – oriented leadership, and attempting, to earn, and deserve, the trust and faith, of constituents, not based on their political rhetoric, but on their integrity and quality intentions! Why should anyone put their faith, in a specific leader? Pie – in – the – sky, statements, and blaming/ complaining, must be replaced with leaders, who are ready, willing and able, to face the facts, and do what’s right and necessary! Examine their process, especially how they figure out, the best way to proceed! Demand any approach and/ or suggestion, be accompanied by a commitment, to fiscal responsibility, etc!

2. Ideas; ideology; imagination; insight; integrity: Don’t settle for the same – old, same old approaches, and ideas! Consider the core ideology, and if it is consistent with, the priorities and values, which are consistent, with basic, true, American freedoms, etc! We need leaders, with the quality imagination, which focus on the best way, to proceed forward, into the future! Consider his thought processes, and whether he exhibits the quality insight, needed, to lead, us! However, we also need, people who consistently proceed, in an honorable, service – oriented manner, focused on American ideals, and absolute integrity!

3. Time – tested; trusted; timely: One of the reasons, Donald J. Trump, was elected, President of the United States, is, he was perceived as an outsider, rather than another, Washington insider! However, his service, to date, has clearly indicated, many faults, and the dangers of electing individuals, who are not experienced, nor knowledgeable, about, the time – tested approaches, ideas, etc! Trump has also, consistently made statements, where he not only contradicts himself, and previous U.S. policy and commitment, but stated, he will respond in, 2 weeks, rather than committing to timely, well – consider actions!

Obviously, we need, and deserve, FIT public officials. However, we’ll only get that, when the American voter, becomes willing to see beyond rhetoric, promises, and/ or perceptions, and looks to elect, the most qualified candidates, who are, ready, for prime time!

Source by Richard Brody

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