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Charlotte Schools Know the Importance of Physical Education

Couch potatoes. Video game junkies. Computer nerds. Phone hogs. No, these are not cutsie names for new hobbies; they are descriptions of today's youth. Students attending the Charlotte Schools fit this description. Students attending every school in every city or town in this country can be said to fit this description. Granted, there are many, many kids who participate in a plethora of physical activities. Gymnastics, soccer, Little League, football, cheerleading, dance, the swim team, basketball, track and karate are all great examples of some of the options kids have today. However, the vast majority of children and teens do not participate in any of these activities. They simply sit. And vegetate. Not very healthy.

What can the educators in Charlotte Schools do about this battle of the bulge? Well, for one thing, they can start their days off with some physical activity. Elementary Charlotte Schools' teachers can start the day off with some calisthenics – using a kid's exercise video is a good way to go. The Charlotte Schools' kids think they're watching TV, but they're also getting a jump start to their day of learning. Pausing halfway through the day for recess is another avenue open to the elementary school teacher to get their kids' blood flowing. Exercise increases blood flow all over the body – the brain included – and Charlotte Schools' kids who have had a break in the mental exercises with some physical ones are more likely to get more learning done in a day than those who simply sit at their desks for six hours.

Games that Move the Charlotte Schools

For Charlotte Schools' teachers who work with older children, organizing some team sports is a good way to get kids moving through the day. Running races, kickball games, as well as good, old-fashioned "Horse" are all great ways to get kids up and about. Plus, Charlotte Schools teachers can incorporated lessons while the students are doing all that running around. When playing "Horse", kids can spell vocab or spelling words instead, or answer a math problem whenever they make a basket.

Charlotte Schools' students who are studying practically any science can easily incorporate a nature walk or hike into the woods into their learning for the day. Brisk walks looking for plant and animal specimens are fun and invigorating. Getting out of the Charlotte Schools' classroom's closed spaces and into the great outdoors is a useful way to keep students focused once they are back in their seats.

Charlotte Schools offer physical education classes to give the students' bodies some structured learning. For too long, these programs have been cut due to a lack of funding. Now, leaders in the Charlotte Schools are realizing that if they want the students to do better in school, they need to concentrate on the whole student; not just their brains. PE classes offer fun, interesting ways for students to get their bodies moving. They get exposure to all different kinds of team and personal sports like tennis and track.

It is a relief to see that Charlotte Schools take the physical education and fitness of its students seriously.

Source by Patricia Hawke

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