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ADHD Problems and School

School Behavior and ADHD
Does your child get into trouble at school with other children such as fighting? Maybe your child can not keep his or her hands to themselves. Thus, causing rifts between your child and other children. Do you get notes from your child's teacher that your child was causing problems with other students? These are some examples of ADHD behavior at school.

Speaking to the Teacher
Perhaps your child is rude to his or her teacher. He or she may reply to questions in a sarcastic manner. Again, causing your child to deal with the consequences from the teacher.

School Work and ADHD
Does your child have extreme trouble focusing on his or her school work? Maybe your child can not sit still to even try to do his or her school work. You may have gotten notes from your child's teacher that your child is not finishing his or her work. The school work may be done incorrectly most of the time. He or she may get their recycle privilege taken away so they can catch up with their school work and have one on one time with the teacher.

Steps to Solve ADHD Problems
First talk to your school and ask for your child to be tested for ADHD. You will fill out a form or two regarding your child's behavior at home. At least three of your child's teachers will fill out basically the same form only it applies to the school environment. Your child's classroom teacher, physical education teacher and most likely the music or art teacher will fill out the form.

Next the school psychologist will evaluate your child with tests. If the test comes back as risk signs of ADHD you then make a doctor's appointment so your child can be diagnosed with ADHD. You will take the forms you and your child's teachers filled out.

Doctor Visit
You will speak to your child's physician regarding your concerns of ADHD from the ADHD problems and tests that were done. Your doctor will give your child a physical examination such as asking him or her to do different physical tests. Your child follows different things the doctor does with his / her hands or directions to hop on one foot. The doctor can also tell by your child's response if there is a problem.

My Child is Diagnosed With ADHD, Now What?
If your child is indeed diagnosed with ADHD your doctor will most likely want to prescribe a drug to your child. At this time, we do not know the future dangers of these prescribed drugs.

ADHD Solutions
1. Before trying ADHD medication it is best to try a special diet for your ADHD child. The diet is healthy for the entire family. You can cook the same for everyone and make your life much easier.
2. Exercise. Get your child exercising at least twenty to thirty hours per day. This will help burn off your ADHD child's extra energy.
3. Go for nature walks with your child. Enjoy the fresh outdoor. Explore.
4. Be organized at home that teaching your ADHD child how to be organized.

These steps will help your ADHD child to calm down and focus better minimizing ADHD problems.

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