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What Is Sports And Physical Recreation?

It may seem like an obvious question, what is sports and physical recreation? The answer though may not be so obvious.

There are of course some obvious answers to what is sports and physical recreation. Look around on any given weekend and you will see teams playing many games, like basketball, baseball, soccer, American football, and many others. There are also a large number of games for fewer competitors, sports like tennis, badminton and table tennis. There is though a growing range of sports for the individual competitors, things like golf, fishing, windsurfing and surfing.
All of these games and sports have something in common, there is some form of physical exercise at some point, be it the pulling of a wind sail, the swing of a golf club or hitting of a baseball. So that may be the true answer to what is sports and physical recreation, something that takes some form of physical activity.

Looking at the dictionary then it does not get any clearer than the aforementioned reason. Sports are defined as athletic activity that requires a competitor to display some form of skill and / or physical prowess. Physical references to the body and the direct link to strenuous activity. Some people would there appeal that activities like golf are therefore not a physical activity, as much of the time it appears is absent sitting around waiting. Although on the other hand a large fish can take a lot of physical effort to land. The final part of the question relates to recreation, which is described as diversion from normal activity that results in someone becoming relaxed and feelings of enjoyment. This leads to the argument that fishing could have considered much more of a recreational activity than basketball, which very rarely relaxes an individual.

There are arguments between what is a sport and what a game is, for instance is darts a sport or a game. Those who participate in darts professional would consider it more than a game, although others would not consider it to be a true sport. If recreation is supposed to be relaxing, it is possible for a sport to be a recreation as there is some form of competition involved, which destroys the point of relaxation. Even a physical element can be argued; fishing may not be considered but can take some good upper body strength to cast and pull in a fish.
So the safest answer to the question, what is sports and physical recreation, is that of an activity that is done in the spare time of an individual, and enjoyed by that individual that involves some form of physical activity.

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