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What Are Goals and Why is it Important to Set Them?

If you think that goals and goal setting is saying that you will have a bank account worth $ 5 million by the time you retire, then you are going to have to think again. What are goals? Well they are certainly different from pipe dreams and our previous statement regarding the $ 5 million retirement account is a pipe dream, not a goal.

So, what are goals? Goals are about setting realistic, easily achievable steps in place towards fulfilling something that you want. It is unrealistic to turn your goals into pipe dreams and this will only put you off target. It is unfortunate, but pipe dreams rarely come to any kind of realization, but this is just the way it is! The routine of step-by-step goal setting is far more predictable, and the outcome more easily measurable. Following these step-by-step goals is the only way that your dream is actually going to become a reality.

Setting goals and achieving them is the method in which we work towards a specific need, wish or requirement. It is a simple concept. However, it is not always so simple to get anyone to actually do this. Goal setting, contrary what you might believe actually works very well with human nature.

Just think, if you want to go on vacation, you plan it, you get information on places, hotels, what there is to do, and if you are driving, you get a map. You plan the route, check the map again if you get lost, and eventually end up at your destination. Setting goals is exactly the same process!

Learning how to apply the skills of developing habits of success, understanding what are goals, and learning the art of setting goals will provide you with a map that will show you the way to everything you want and deserve. But how do you go about doing this?

Firstly, you have to have a positive attitude. You need to tell yourself that success is something you are easily able to achieve and that you are worthy of it. Belief in yourself and what you define as success is tantamount to achieving this. It will determine your path, so you have to be willing to believe and accept that you will be successful.

One of the first things you need to do in this process of understanding 'what are goals', is to define your goal objectives and to do this you will need a pencil and paper. These have to be written down, and regularly re-visited. Planning is vital to success! In 1961 when JFK pledged that the US would land a man on the moon, it was not a pipe-dream. It took huge amounts of planning, goal- setting, technology and innovation to achieve this, but realize it they did!

The most important step in this unbelievable adventure was not Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon. It was because President Kennedy set the objective, set a goal, and this is where you should begin after answering the question … what are goals?

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