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Physical Therapy School Accreditation

Physical therapy school accreditation is sometimes the most important aspect to consider when you are choosing which programs to apply to. There are many different aspects of a good school, including the curriculum, reputation, classroom and lab technology, location, budget friendship and success of former students. If the school is not accredited, though, none of those things will even matter. The only degree that can hold up to a high level of scrutiny is one that comes from an accredited school; this applies to physical therapist schools or any other field.

The Importance of Physical Therapy School Accreditation

There are several accredited agencies that evaluate physical therapy schools based on a serious set of professional standards. An accredited agency must also be accepted by the United States Department of Education to be trustworthy as an evaluator of these schools, which ads a further complication to your research on various programs. Some of the most reputable organizations that accreditation physical therapist schools include the following:

– American Physical Therapy Association

– Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education

– Regional Accreditation Bodies (ie, Physical Therapy Board of California, etc.)

The basic fact that you need to understand is that physical therapist schools that are not accredited are probably little more than diploma mills that do not offer an acceptable education. Even if they do offer a good education, though, employers will not take your degree seriously if it is not from an accredited school. You also need to have a degree from an accredited school to sit for the certification or licensing exams in your state. And if that is not enough, the credits will also not transfer to other schools if you should decide to switch programs or return to school later for a higher level of education.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Physical Therapist School

Accreditation is the most important factor, but you must also consider whether this specific program is right for you. Think about whether the location, cost, availability of classes and scheduling work for your budget and lifestyle. See what kind of experience the faculty has and how esteemed that they are in the professional field. Also, look into where some of the school's graduations are practicing now, and see if any of them have carers like you've imagined for yourself. The school you choose is important, so make sure it's a high quality program before applying.

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