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Physical Therapy Education Can Lead To A Rewarding Career

Perhaps you are considering a career in physical therapy. it certainly can be a rewarding career and one that is in high demand as people are more active and are living longer. Let's take a look at physical therapy education and what you will need to do to enter this challenging field.

Going to college to major in physical therapy requires many years of training and classes. You can receive a 4 year degree or go on and enroll in graduate classes depending on your interest. Many programs even require a doctorate degree.

Physical education therapy requires you to have an interest in biology, physics, chemistry, anatomy and other subjects. As you progress you will move into more specialized training including therapeutic procedures, biomechanics, examination techniques, human growth and development, and neuroanatomy.

Of course this type of career is dealing with people and part of your education will include training to help you develop personal skills in dealing with both patients as well as their families. If you do not like people this is not a career for you.

Much of your training will be hands on outside of the classroom as well. This will include working in a lab as well as working with qualified physical therapists for supervised training.

You are learning how to deal with injuries that can happen in sport, everyday life and at work. Your job is to help people get back to their normal lifestyle. Part of that is in dealing with prevention. This can include putting together daily exercise programs to help your patients get in better overall health.

Once you have graduated you will be expected to pass a licensor exam in the state in where you will be working. Physical therapists are required to regularly update their skills by attending workshops and continuing education courses.

Many states require you to continue with ongoing education as a requirement to maintain your license. Experienced physical therapists may also take an exam to earn board certification in sub-specialty areas

When you first start out you can expect to earn around $ 50,000 and up. Many physical therapists begin working in hospitals or clinics and may be satisfied to stay there. As you progress if you are an entrepreneur type you may want to open your own practice. No matter where you work this is a career dealing with people and their schedules, so you can expect to work some evenings and weekends.

Physical therapy education is the first step to a demanding and challenging career. This can lead you to work in nursing homes, fitness centers, and even other practitioners such as occupational therapists, speech therapists, and others. Who knows where it will lead you, but if helping people, making money, and working with people on a physical level appeals to you this may be a career for you.

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