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Childhood Obesity Strategies – Get Rid of History Classes

The number of overweight children is at an all time high and the numbers are steadily increasing. Strategies to reverse this disturbing trend must be created and put into action. One strategy would be to bring back the physical education classes that have been removed from many schools' curriculum. Instead of downsizing the physical education component, educators should cut back the history component.

Bring Back PE Class

An ideal physical education class would have an educational component as well as an activity-based component.

The educational component would provide the child with information about nutrition and exercise. The child would learn what to eat and what to do in order to get and stay healthy. They would also learn why these nutrition and exercise strategies work and how to incorporate them into their daily lives. This knowledge would provide the students with a foundation to help them maintain their health through their own lives.

The activity-based component would provide the children with fun calorie burning activities. This would help the child to maintain a healthy weight. Regular activity as a child would encourage regular activity as an adult. Various activities would be attempted. Experimentation with activities would help the child to find activities they enjoy. The more an activity is enjoyed, the more likely it will be continued. Experimentation as a child would also encourage experimentation as an adult.

Get Rid of History Class

Physical Education classes have been removed for a variety of reasons, such as lack of facilities, staff, or money. Some PE programs have been downsized because there is just not enough time in a school day to include it in the curriculum. If time is really an issue, they should consider removing other aspects of the curriculum, such as history.

There are thousands of people who have spent their own lives studying history. However, I have not found a need for the knowledge of history in my everyday life. I have never had a life changing moment that required my knowledge of the Boston Tea Party or the Panama Canal. Without you foresee your child being a protestant on Jeopardy, they could probably use a physical education class more than a history class.

National borders are becoming increasingly blurred. Globalization is growing as the world becomes more interconnected. The knowledge of what happened hundreds of years ago is becoming less useful.

History Repeats Itself

Truth be told, I respect history; and as an American, I especially respect American history. I believe that knowing your history is important if you want to prevent history from repeating itself. However, if I had to choose between a physical education class and a history class, I would choose the former. Health-care costs in America are rising at an astronomical rate. If we do not address the obsessive epidemic and focus on disease prevention, America as we know it will be history.

Source by Kalvin C. Chinyere, MD

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