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Three Physical Activities You Can Do With a Home Schooled Child

Physical Education (PE) is a requirement in the public school setting. In a home school environment you may find it more difficult to recreate a structure around physical education to meet your own child's physical education requirements as well as opportunities for large group (or team) interactions during physical activities. For the interaction part you can find support through your local school system (if the state is supportive of homeschooling and offers this) or through home school co-operatives that organize these kinds of events. However as a family you can also offer many different activities for your child that are fun, physical, and provide learning opportunities. Here are three different activities that you could do with your young, home schooled child that would meet these

A trip to a park could provide both physical activity and educational opportunities for a young child. For physical activity a trip to one of these can provide a great walking opportunity. A good brisk walk is an excellent way to get your child physical activity. After the walk you can always let them have recesses on the local playground. For educational opportunities you have the activities of observing different animal life as well as identifying different plants and trees. Walking at a park is a great way for your home schooled child to get physical activity.

Another fun activity that you can do with your home school child is a family game night with sports or activities that require physical exercise. Two sports that many families like are bowling and putt-putt golf. Each of these sports is something that even the youngest child can participate in and both require some level of physical exertion. Another good benefit of these sports is teaching a child the rules around each game. Learning to follow complex rules is an excellent learning opportunity. At first you may face the challenge of keeping the child's attention, but over time they will understand the rules better.

A third activity to get your home school children out and active would be roller skating. Roller skating requires balance and strength and is great for building these up in a young child. For a child this activity can be very tough to learn when first beginning, but through perseverance and patience the child can become an effective skater. Skating can also be a launching pad into other physical activities such as skateboarding, rollerblading, and several different snow sports.

Physical education is a requirement that many kids get in the public school system and one that home schooling parents need to remember to provide for their own kids. Sometimes parents can rely on their children 'going outside to play' as the only means of physical activity. However, by organizing scheduled, regular activities for your children, including the ones mentioned in this article, a parent can be sure that their child is getting needed physical activity as well as new opportunities to learn.

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