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Showcase PE Skills Instead of Music Skills

Students in Elementary Schools love to share their talents and to basically 'show off'. Teachers have found a multitude of ways to let them share their talents and knowledge through Science Fairs, History Days, Plays, Musicals, Programs, Spelling Bees and many other things, but rarely have they done anything with PE Skills other than to play sports.

Science teachers use Science Fairs to display science skills and knowledge. History and Social Studies teachers developed History Days so that students could display their knowledge and skills in the history area. Music teachers put on musicals and drama teachers us plays to show those skills. Elementary teachers use a variety of all the above.

What about a Physical Education teacher? Sports is different that Physical Education. Some parents think that PE at school is just play time. Maybe it is in some schools but in many schools it is a time to teach students different skills. It's a time to be active, a time to learn about different sports, a time to exercise and gain coordination skills. So after a year of teaching all of these skills why not showcase these skills and show parents what their students can do. I think this is a great idea because it will give parents a better appreciation for what the PE teachers all over this country are doing.

These PE teachers are not just giving the classroom teachers a break or the students a break from book work. They are trying to instill in the students a desire to be active and healthy. They are trying to teach those skills and activities that they can use beyond high school.

PE teachers in the elementary school could show case what they have been teaching their students as young as first grade. By the time the students reach 6th grade they have learned enough that the teacher could also include a section where the students can display skills that they have learned else where. Such as; in gymnastic classes, dance classes, all the different sports and just plain fun activities like playing a game of tag. Anything that shows off active, happy students.

PE teachers take a chance and display what you have been teaching and let those students show off all the skills they have been learning. It really could be fun. Put the audience on the stage and have the students use the gym floor as their stage. During the skills, and different routines have a couple of games where the parents can come down and have some fun with them. This was a real winner when we did it. We had parents in shorts, and suits, dresses and work clothes out on the floor having fun with the student. It was a real success

Source by Caroline Mackay

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