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Should I Stay Or Should I Go Away For College?

Should one attend college near home or gain independence by moving abroad? In all reality, it depends on the individual's preferences, attributes and emotional wellbeing, but here I will give you a rough outline of what to consider when making the crucial decision.

When attending college near home, you have some advantages that others may not in their first few months. An individual attending college near home has a reliable support network, while many fellow college students are establishing their own, newer networks. Second, said individual knows the area better than a new student, which is useful for shopping for dormitory necessities, and for knowing where the local theaters andalls are, watching movies and shopping being frequent ways to pass the time. Speaking of going into town, people with a closer residence, often have cars more often than those who are not from the area. Furthermore, and quite obviously, whether you dorm or not, you can drop by home as necessary.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. These benefits, save for the car, are often short term; there are also more important disadvantages. For example, you are still, while growing more independent, large under home's reins. Regardless of the disadvantages, staying relatively close to home is the preferred choice with approximately 70% of students attending college within 100 miles of their residency.

Now, there are some great advantages to living away from home. One has the chance to build their own networks of support, preparing oneself for the need to get out in the community when one starts a career in the future. You get to experience a different culture when you attend college far away from your own comfortable local area, there bringing you to a more understanding view of others.

Alternately, being so independent can be a great disadvantage. You have little to nothing to fall back on if things do not work out in regard to some issue; you must learn to accept responsibility for your actions sooner. Additionally, getting started in a new location is never trouble-free, especially if you are a timid person. Despite the disadvantages, those that do get out more independently often comment on how it has helped them mature faster.

With all this information on how far away to attend college, there are many issues to consider, and what may be an advantage of one issue, when closely inspected, may just as well be a disadvantage of the same issue. Whatever you decide to do, the largest advice is to carefully weigh your options when it comes to college location.

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