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Primary School Tutor Singapore

Finding a good Primary School Tutor in Singapore will give your child an extra edge in his / her work. A good teacher is very important especially in the young nurturing years of a child. A good tutor should be able to kinder the interest in a child so that learning is enjoyable. When children enjoy a subject, it greatly helps retention of what is being taught.

I remember an important lesson I learn in English was the usage of phonics taught by my tutor while I was still in Kinder garden. That was the foundation, or building blocks for learning the English language. And because it was fun, I naturally excelled in the language. In the area of ​​maths, there is a new method called the Sakamoto method which, I never learnt, but from what I have seen being taught from private tutors that have teach this, it allows maths problem solving to be solved quickly as compared to what is taught through normal curriculum.

There are many good tutors in Singapore, the ones that I find generate good results for P6 students sitting for their PSLE ​​are those that have 20 years experience in the primary education level. This is because they are very familiar with the type of questions that are going to appear in the yearly PSLE ​​exams, and are that better able to prepare their students. Another important point to note is because they would by now have a group of students under them, the tutor is able to gather a wide source of exam papers for the entire student group to work on. In this way, the tutor is able to prepare his / her students for the important annual examinations.

A good tutor that trained me once upon a time is called Mdm Jan, she's in her 50s now, and is one of the best and most dedicated tutors for the primary school education level I know. If you're looking for a tutor for your child, if you're lucky, she may have a vacancy for you.

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