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Physical Education Homeschooling Ideas

With all schools, one of the most exciting classes is PE or physical education. So how do you have physical education with homeschooling? There are actually all kinds of things that one could do. Actually, your options are even greater than that of a traditional school setting. You have more freedom with what you choose. You do not have to worry about the school's policy on sports or the complications with their insurance. So you have more of a variety that you can offer your child.

One option is to take your child to the park and play basketball. Dribbling a basketball helps the child to develop hand-eye coordination. Running back and forth on the court helps with their endurance. You can download the rules of basketball and teach the rules to your child; helping them to understand that you have to follow the rules.

Another activity that you can have your child engaging in is volleyball. All you have to do is set up a net in your backyard, get the ball and hit the ball back and forth to each other. This will require your help as well! Again coordination is developed.

During rainy days, what can you do that does not require you to be outside? How about exercise videos? The new kickboxing videos can be exciting. They can help your child do develop their lungs and muscles and help to increase their endurance for activity. If kickboxing is too much, try a yoga video. These will help you to tone your muscles, relax and even help you to become more flexible. I know that this may sound crazy, but the Nintendo Wii could even be used. With the Wii, the person actually has to physically move to swing the bat or hit the tennis ball. You can even play a boxing game that will have you sweating before the round is over!

Other activities that you could try are: fishing, jogging, speed walking, archery and skateboarding. Archery has become a big program within the traditional school setting. More and more kids are becoming involved and the popularity of the sport has really taken off in the past year. Kids are even able to enter competitions to show off their skills. Jogging can turn into track. Did you know that you do not have to have a team to participate in track events? Since track is basically an individual sport, with the exception of the relay races, you only have to have the one person. You can contact local school district that has a track team to get a schedule of track meets. Then enter your child in those meets.

So, hopefully this has helped you to get some ideas of types of activities that you can provide for your child under the physical education requirements. Remember, no matter what you choose to do for your child, the main thing is to have fun. Keep your child interested in physical activities by making the whole experience fun. Have contests between their siblings and them or even between you and your child. Remember, above anything else, observe safety rules and have fun!

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