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Homeschooling Physical Education and Fine Arts

Homeschool high school students who plan to apply to college need to make sure they complete the required subjects during their high school years. Although these vary somewhat from college to college, most colleges have similar standards. In addition to the core courses, most schools require applicants to have 2 years of physical education and 1 year of fine arts.

Physical Education:

To meet the PE requirements, most students do a half credit for each year of high school. PE can be easily satisfied through regular sports such as soccer or track, or it can be more family-based such as camping, hiking, biking, etc. Any boy who participates in Boy Scouts will fully complete their PE requirements, just through completion of their merit badge courses. Other options include dance, CPR, first aid, or essentially anything that breaks a sweat!

For students who aspire to attend a military academy, the PE requirements for admission are particularly rigid. Students must document physical fitness, which does not necessarily mean you must sign up for high school football, but must include some sort of measured fitness activity. Team sports, racing, marathons, individual sports, or anything that is measured by a competition can demonstrate physical fitness to a military academy. If you have any doubts, be sure to ask the military academy what their standards or requirements are.

Fine Arts:

Like PE, fine arts can include many activities. Some students do music, art, theater, or dance. Taking piano, or any other musical instrument instruction, would satisfy this requirement as well. You could either pursue these exclusively, or combine them into one class and call it a survey of fine arts.

Since fine arts do not tend to come in a pre-measured curriculum or book, you can count the hours spent to determine how much equals one credit. In general, 120-180 hours equals a full credit.

Students who are particularly interested in fine arts often accrue a lot of hours very quickly. For instance, when I was in high school, I did choir and band every year, which added up to a lot of credits! If your student has a lot of fine art credits, it's fine to include them on both their transcript and on activity and rewards list. If your student has participated in some form or competition, make sure to include those things on their activities and awards lists, as well as give them credit. Although you should not double count any activity for more than one credit, it's okay to include something on both the transcript and activity list.

If your student plans to attend an arts college, they may have different requirements for admission, so be sure to check out the requirements for every college you're interested in applying to. That way, you can plan your high school courses carefully, and do not have any unpleasant surprises towards the end! Preparation early in high school is the best way to successfully sail through the college admission and scholarships process, so make sure you're ready!

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