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The Benefits of Teacher Professional Development

In the current workplace environment, teachers are finding themselves faced with stressful situations. There are deadlines, professional development requirements, and performance reviews, among other things. New teachers first starting out are expected to live up to high expectations in terms of meeting the needs of their students, whereas older more experienced teachers are forced to adapt to new teaching techniques. Continuous education is necessary for teachers who wish to excel in their field and improve their abilities. However, most people in the field are unsure of where or how to go about accessing professional teacher development resources available to them.

Successful teachers must have a strong knowledge and understanding of the subject material that they are teaching their students. Teacher professional development works to strengthen teachers’ perceptions on how students learn and process the information that they are being exposed to and tested on. Additionally, teachers will be able to practice new strategies that they will later implement into their classroom environments, such as cooperative learning and role playing. Due to the incorporation of various teaching methods, students are likely to perform at much higher rates and both students and teachers will benefit from greater achievement. Therefore, it becomes fundamentally important for teachers to be prepared not only when they begin to teach, but equally as important to advance their expertise throughout the entirety of their careers.

Teachers must meet higher academic performance expectations during this current time period. For instance, students in different school districts must achieve specific test score results in order to advance to the next grade level. Additionally, schools must meet state requirements which have been implemented by the federal government. Although teachers should not be blamed entirely for low test scores or unmet requirements, the quality of teaching certainly has some reflection on the resulting data. It has been evidenced that there is a correlative outcome between teacher professional development programs and improved student learning. Quality and knowledge of the teacher means everything in regards to the performance capabilities of the students.

For teachers who work in under-performing schools, professional teacher development can be used as a means toward improvement. Factors such as language barriers, students with special needs, and students with unstable home environments need to be handled by the teacher in unique ways. Even though the job of teachers in this situation may be more difficult and complex, they still need to perform and meet the standards that have been put into place. Each and every student should be given an equal opportunity for success. Although it is human instinct to choose favorites, teachers need to be uniformly available to all of their students and reach out to them in effective ways. Teacher professional development works to improve a complex set of skills, as opposed to one specific skill.

Since the job of a teacher is so complex and ever-changing, it is very important for teachers to be constantly aware of new opportunities for growth. Professional teacher development is a recommended method to improvement of not only skill, but performance and sustainability in the classroom environment as well. All elements remain in control of the teacher since they can pick and choose between which methods to implement. Teachers and students alike will benefit from the tools learned from professional development.

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