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Teaching Clay – Becoming a Ceramics Teacher

When it comes to being a teacher there are classes that can actually be quite boring to teach and then there are classes that are fun and easy to teach. If you want to become a teacher you should probably have a good idea of ​​what subject you would like to teach on a daily basis. You will also need to decide what grade level you would like to teach as well. What type of class and what grade level you teach depends highly on your personality. If you really love working with numbers, you will probably be an excellent math or accounting teacher. If you enjoy reading the classic books then you will most likely excel at teaching an English class. If you are on the more artistic and creative side and like to work with your hands, then you would probably do well as a ceramics teacher.

Being a ceramics teacher has so many perks that come with the job. If you naturally love working with clay than becoming a ceramics teacher is a no-brainer. Not only will you get to work with your beloved clay every day, but you will also get the joy out of teaching someone else how to center clay. Being able to spend time doing something that you love every day will not only make the time fly by, but it will also make your work seem more like a day of fun instead. While students may dread their history or calculus classes they are most likely to actually look forward to your ceramics class. There is something to be said for getting your hands dirty and creating a piece of art all by yourself and taking pride in your accomplishment.

When it comes to actually teaching ceramics you should probably start off with teaching clay basics. Most of the students who come into your ceramics class have probable never worked with clay before. The introduction to clay should be thorough but brief. The easiest way to have them learn about the clay is to simply let them learn from hands on approach. Some students will take easily to working with clay while others will need extra attention. When the students have gotten their first taste of how working with clay feet, let them take a try with the potter wheel. While most students will have difficulty in being able to produce an extravagant piece of art, they will simply enjoy their time working with the wheel itself. So while you are teaching wheel throwing just remember to stick to the basics for your students.

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