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Sex at School

Single sex schools are those that have either boys or girls. But most of the single sex schools have been turned to coeducational schools where girls and boys study together. It has been believed to lead to increased sexual activity in schools. A study reported that according to some teenagers, sex on school property is more frequent than adults might imagine. And some adults who work with teenagers said it's happening more often these days.

The teen's pregnancy rates in America are double in number compared to any other industrial nation. In United States approximately 1 million teenage girls who become pregnant every year and about 5% give birth to a child every year. There are even children below the age of 13 who are involved into sexual activity. The increasing number of teen pregnancy is of great concern for the country. It is the responsibility of parents to take care of there school going children and make them aware of sex and sex related problems but sex education should also be given in schools. It is the duty of the nation as a whole to educate and create awareness among the teens of the hormones of unprotected sex.

A study of sexual and romantic relationships at a high school found students connected by long chains, rather than in a tight network with a core group of a promiscuous few. Sharing of partners was uncommon but many students were indirectly linked through a chain of partners. Students connecting into sexual activity with each other with multiple sex relationships and unprotected sexual intercourse have lead to increased sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers. The teenagers who are more into drinks and drugs are at a higher risk as they are unaware of their actions and do not have safe sex. Although students who are sexually active have been said to be using condoms more than before yet there is a need to educate school going children on the negative effects of unprotected sex. There is HIV rate increase in teenagers. The number of addiction with HIV infection is increasing in America. Information on safe sex through safe sex programs should be given to teenagers. Safe sex education should be encouraged in schools for promoting safe sex among students. They should be imparted knowledge on sex and sex related diseases. Information should be given on safe sex practices to the young teens that are careless about them and have multiple sex partners.

It has been reported that most of the parents approve of sex education in schools to encourage the teens to delay sexual activity. They also believe that education parted that will help children to understand sex and sex related problems better. They will learn to use birth control methods and practice safe sex. Majority of Americans favor broader sex education programs for children than to teach only absence.

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