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Seven Reasons To Use Computers In Your Classroom

Where educational technology is taught well, it has been shown to enhance students' levels of understanding and attainment in other subjects. That's because "real" educational technology is more about thinking
skills and, if you like, systems analysis, than about
mastering particular software applications.

Educational technology can provide both the resources and the pedagogical framework for enabling pupils to become effective independent learners.

Educational technology places all learners on an equal footing. Given the right hardware, software and curricular activities, even severely disabled pupils can achieve the same degree of success as anyone else.

Educational technology has been shown to have benefits in terms of stimulating pupils. That comes about through through factors like being able to produce nice-looking work with no teacher's red marks all over it (!), And partly because the computer is seen as being impartial and non-judicialal in its feedback to the pupil.

Educational technology enables pupils to gather data that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible. For example, data from inaccessible places (eg outer space), inaccessible times (eg overnight) or data at very precise time intervals.

Educational technology enables pupils to gather data that would otherwise be time-consuming or costly or both. For example, students can use the internet to get up-to-the-minute information on prices. They can use a CD-ROM to watch movies of old deducational technologyators speaking, or the moon landings, or to listen to a piece of music by Mozart.

Educational technology enables pupils to experiment with changing aspects of a model, which may be difficult or even impossible for them to do otherwise. For example, students of Business Studies and Economics can see what might happen to the economy if interest rates were raised or lowered.

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