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School Uniform of Japan

As we all know, school uniform has long history. They were first dressed in Japan. Students of Japan love these clothes very much. Do you know why? Now let me tell you something about that. Firstly, culture makes people of Japan attach the importance to school uniforms. They pay more attention to social identity which is brought by uniforms. People take them seriously in daily life. Besides, they are willing to make them well as well. This cultural background lets student of Japan love these unified but individual clothes. School uniform of Japan become a significant part of cultural cultivation.

Secondly, fashionable design is the superiority of school uniforms. In Japan, middle and primary schools require students to wear uniforms when they are in schools. If they have PE class, they have to change uniforms to sports clothes. The success of Japan uniform is the style and design. Boys’ are masculine and handsome while girls’ are elegant and lovely. That can establish the healthy awareness of sex. In the meanwhile, because the design and style are fashionable, school uniforms satisfy people to pursue beauty. With the development of fashion and society, school uniforms transform constantly.

Thirdly, because of the diversification of sales and well sales condition, related products bring economic benefit to society. Uniforms are designed and made by specialized manufacturers. Once the design is finalized, then uniforms will not change for many years. The symbiosis between schools and manufactures are stable.

Therefore, to manufacturers, these uniforms are one of the main sources of income. In recent years, school uniforms became favorite dress. Many girls will wear uniforms after school or in weekend. A shop which is famous for selling fashionable products catches this opportunity. It begins to sell silk ribbons which are suitable to match uniforms. That will bring economic benefit to this shop. What is more, because a set of uniform generally consist of tie, shirt, skirt or trousers and coat, so these products can also bring economic benefit to related manufacturers as well.

These are the three main reasons that why uniforms are popular with students in Japan. Except for these reasons, there are many other social factors, such as the fashionable tendency. Now after my introduction, do you know more about them?

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