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Preschools – Elementary Education

The purpose of providing education is to ensure that a significant part of the population is literate and for those who receive education, the goal is to ensure a healthy development of the mind, having a positive impact in the growth of the personality. Schools are the most important centers dedicated to the spread of learning and it is necessary to note that they are the primary levels that have to be crossed before one gets to indulge into higher education. While leaving an elementary knowledge regarding various subjects like history, geography and the sciences along with languages ​​are the basic tenets of primary education, it must also be noted that prior to this, it is necessary to aid the psychological development of the child and condition him to the environment of the school away from home before beginning basic education. It is for this purpose that preschools or kindergartens schools or nursery schools have been developed. Here children are usually admitted at the tender age of about 2 to 4 and certainly below the age of five years. It is to be noted that during this stage the child's capacity of learning is on an all time high and therefore the child is able to try anything or everything that is represented to him or taught to him within a short period of time. There are certain important principles that most preschools conform to in order to provide adequate guidance to the child. The major goals of a preschool are to encourage communication and interaction between the teacher and the students, ensure social, emotional and personal growth, facilitating creative surges within a child and ensuring that full blooming of one's creative talent is allowed, develop a sense of understanding of the world, introduce basic mathematical knowledge and finally encourage physical fitness and health along with mental growth.

In case of preschool education, the teachers have a very significant role to play. A teacher is required to be patient, caring and extremely attentive to the students in a preschool. Such dedication on the part of the teacher will ensure increased concentration and swift development in the student. Parents too have an integral role to play in this stage as well. However there are many parents who are working and in these cases the day care centers are very significant in providing preschool educational programs to aid the development of the child in the absence of the parents.

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