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Jobs Without High School Education – Work Smarter Not Harder

What jobs exist for people without high school education? I can rant off a dozen jobs that fit that bill, but they all pay minimum wage. You're most likely looking for something decent that does not pay a measly 7 $ an hour (who could blame you?) Well if you enjoy (or can tolerate) writing I have a solution for you. It's referred to as "Ezine publishing", which is really just writing articles and submitting them to EzineArticles.

It's a form of internet marketing that just about anyone with an opinion can do. You simply write articles about your favorite interests, hobbies, etc. The more views your articles get, the more money you will absolutely make. In your articles you include a small 2 sentence advertisement relating to your article. For example if you're writing a guide about changing oil, you can include a link to a company that sells motor oil. If someone makes a purchase through the link you provided, you get paid a percentage of the sale.

The best part about ezine publishing is that, the articles you write will stay on the internet for many years. (Not to mention it does not require any sort of education or training, no degree or diploma.) Whether your sleeping, eating, feeding the dogs, on vacation, or relaxing, your articles will continue to generate traffic and more importantly, sales . It can be used as a secondary source of income, or you can life off ezine publishing. Some publishers make 10,000 per month, some make a lot more, and yet some write a couple articles in there free time jut for a nice 1500 or so per month. Who would not want to add another source of income?

This is one of the best jobs you'll find without a high school education. If you're skeptical, do some research, it's a very common practice and it's the most popular form of internet marketing.

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