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In Search of Quality Education

Similar to defense personnel, teachers too should be highly disciplined. For many teachers the teaching job is just a routine employment avenue. They should understand that it is the process of the development of human resources. Here, they need to be more determined. The training process for the teachers should also teach managerial skills and then improve the quality of teachers training. The faculty members should also realize that they are contributing to social and economic development of the nations of the world.

During vacations, the employers of the educational institutions should conduct teachers professional development programs. The developmental programs should also include work shops, seminars, research directed discussions, productive educators improvement programs, etc.

There were some reports that politicians do involve in the appointments at the higher levels. In such cases, the quality of education can not be ensured.

Principals and heads of the educational institutions should be ideal, leaders, skillful, punctual, bold, role models, able to assess and guide the teachers well, know various methods to extract quality work from the teachers. To ensure this, they need to be independent.

The heads of institutions should also learn professional methods to solve the complaints received from parents and students. They should be skillful, efficient, and effective. They need to work for the over all development of students and teachers.

The government officials who are involved in the inspection process need to be strict, non-corrupt, and professional.

Governments, managements, heads of institutions, teachers, parents, students, non-teaching staff, etc should work hard to reach the goals of education.

Some educated parents are unhappy about their children's progress. Most of the uneducated parents do not know what's going on in the educational institutions. Many parents are busy with their own work. Here, some children try to cheat their own parents !.

Some private educational institutions seem to be concerned about the perks of the teachers rather than employing highly qualified, experienced teachers. In other words, they are willing to ensure more profits for them.

There is an urgent need for transformation in the attitude of the political leaders. The new minds can make new policies. Teachers too should discard their old ideas and realize that their duty is to transform the societies. Their chief concern is the development of human resources. Parents and students too should play an active role for the overall development of the education sector.

Quality education can only be assured with the collective effort of all.

Source by Tirumala Prasad

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