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Are Public Schools Safe For Our Children?

In the wake of the Columbine shootings and the Virginia Tech shootings parents of young children are asking whether or not the public school system is still safe. When it comes to our children we want to make sure that we are doing all we can to keep them safe. When they are at home they are under our watchful eye and we can tell when there is a problem. But when they are at school we do not have a watchful eye there to make sure that they stay safe. Many parents who are deciding what education their children should have are contemplating placing their children in private schools or even home schooling them.

Every year it sees that something has gone wrong in a school. When the Columbine shootings occurred all of America was shocked at the violence that had occurred in a one peaceful town. The fact that it was two teenage boys who had planned the whole thing and had shot so many of their fellow students was unthinkable – but yet it happens. The Virginia Tech shootings occurred we were once again upset and horrific – but we were not surprised.

Violence occurs more and more in the world and everyday it is creeping closer to our children and the places that they visit – including their school. Just last month a fugitive was hiding out from the police in Maine and took an elementary school cottage. Luckily the kids were not harmed and the man ever kept himself up – but it is things like this that make young parents question what to do.

The decision is not an easy one for many people. Why? There are some families that would love to home school their children or even send them to the best private school – but can not afford it. They require thousands of dollars that many of us do not have. In this economy many are having a hard time just trying to keep their jobs let alone pay for their children's schooling. But there is still a way to send your children to public schools and make sure that they are safe.

Research. Make a list of all the public schools that are in your area. Now make a pro / con list for each of them. Determine whether or not they are in the good or bad area in your town. Do they have good rules? Good security? Is violence or teen pregnancy high in the school or is it low? Are the teachers and principle respected? The answers to these questions will help you find the right school. One of them is bound to be what you are looking for and will be safe enough for your child.

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